Why a Festival? For whom?

The answer is simple. This festival was born from an artistic need to interpret and create the music we love in the heart of the beautiful  Gers ,  a place steeped in history.  

This festival is first and foremost the fruit of the friendship between Cellist David Cunliffe and Violist Paul Martin, who were members of the renowned Balanescu Quartet.  Over the years, David and Desirée have made frequent visits to Simorre, and fell in love with the Gers. Adding their talent and passion for music to the mix was a no brainer.

the fact that these three friends and artists are world renowned soloists, grammy nominated globe trotters does not hurt the music making that is at the center of this festival.

joining them for this musical adventures are Aurelien fort pederzoli, viola, a member of Black Oak ensemble and founder of the groundbreaking SPEkTRAL quartet and jose ferreira, guitarist extraordinaire.

The Festival is labelled as "Classical" although this title is misleading. One might find Romanian folk music sharing the limelight with the Goldberg variations, or a Beethoven Quartet flirting with the infernal Piazzolla tangos. 

Meetings, friendships, musical and human discoveries, and a need to share our love of music are the ambitions of this new Festival.

With the help of locals and the warmth they are  bringing to the endeavor,  we can enjoy a new way of hearing music....closer to the artist, far away from the traditional experience of concert halls.

Come join us in Simorre, in the heart of Gascony.